DStv explora comes with many features some of them being remote recording, series recording Parental Control and XtraView capability. We will discuss in detail about how to connect two DStv decoders/explora decoders.


Using XtraView setup, you can use two DStv’s decoders at the same time for two different televisions and pay just for one DStv connection monthly. Which means family members can watch different channels on different TV sets at the same time and pay just for one DStv set. We will see in detail on how to connect the two DStv decoders for XtraView setup with a Smart LNB as well.

There Are Two Ways To Connect The Two Decoders For XtraView:

  1. By using DStv switch that you get in every package of DStv explora.
  2. Through Smart LNB

1. By Using DStv Switch:

For this, you need to find out what kind of LNB you currently have. There are 4 types of LNB’s:

  • Single LNB: It needs to be upgraded first. Its not compatible with explora. You need to contact DStv accredited installers for upgrading the LNB.
  • Twin LNB: You will see two connection cables to your dish which needs to be connected to the input of the DStv switch. It doesn’t matter in which order you connect these cables. You must have received a white cable with your explora package, plug that in the 2 explora outputs labeled ‘A’ and ‘B’. Plug one end of the cable in any one of those outputs. And other one to the unicable input of the decoder.
  • Quad LNB: You will see 4 cables attached to your dish. Plug any two of them in any order to the input of the switch. And the attach the white cable that you received with the explora package to any one the explora outputs labeled as ‘A’ and ‘B’. Plug the other end to the unicable input of the decoder.
  • Unicable LNB: It can be plugged directly into your decoder . So, you don’t need a switch for this connection.

Once the DStv switch is connected and powered up, you will see a blue led glowing. Indicating that the proper connection has been made.

2. By using Smart LNB:

It is used by the people who have their own disc Smart LNB has the features of DStv switch into LNB. It is recommended for most XtraView connections. You can buy a smart LNB to connect your two decoders to the disc. It has four inputs labelled unicable and 2 are universal. One explorer can be connected directly through first unicable port. The other decoders can be connected to the remaining 3 ports.

The unicable ports are used to plug in the disc cables in the Smart LNB’s. If you have single LNB you need to upgrade it. In case of twin LNB plug the cables in any sequence in any of the input ports. Whereas in quad LNB plug any two cables in any sequence in the unicable port. For Unicable LNB, directly plug in the LNB cable to the Smart LNB.