MultiChoice has made several adjustments for DStv South Africa including DStv Compact, Family, Premium, and Extra. For example, DStv Family rates have increased steadily since 2013 when it was R175 to R235 per month in 2017 representing a 7.3% increment. More so, DStv Premium has increased by 3.95% to R789 per month.

How Much Does DStv Cost Per Month?

The graph below shows the DStv rates South Africa 2017 and the shifts in the tariffs since 2016. You will notice that the fee for most products has increased since last year; other product prices have however stagnated.

DStv Package 2017 2016 Increase
DStv EasyView R29 R29 0%
DStv Access R99 R99 0%
DStv Premium R789 R759 4%
DStv Compact R365 R345 6%
DStv Family R235 R219 7%
DStv Extra R489 R459 7%

How much does DStv Decoder Cost?

The price for DStv decoders in South Africa ranges from store to store and also depending on the type of decoder. You can get the OVHD Decoder S-Dec-OVHD-01 as low as R339 and the HD Decoder at a similar price.

How much does a DStv Explora Cost?

The fee for DStv Explora also varies from shop to shop and according to the specs. For a DStv Explore 2A Decoder PS5100MC is approximately R1289 and the DStv Explora Bundle with LNB-Both for is roughly R1299. You can also get the DStv Explora fully installed versions between R1699 to around R1799.

How much does it cost to install DStv in South Africa?

For the installation of DStv in South Africa, it is preferable that you consult MultiChoice or other accredited DStv companies for installation. This means that the installation fee varies and therefore, you may have to consult the specific installer for prices. However, sometimes, MultiChoice offers free installation for some decoders during special offers.